The game

Mechs & Mercs: Black Talons is a real time tactics game set in the future, where the player leads a company of mercenaries stuck in a war torn star system.
The player leads his forces from the Paladin, a powerful battlecruiser where new troops and mechs can be recruited, trained and customized. As the commander of the company, the player must decide which missions to take, and carefully manage his reputation amongst all the existing factions.

Squads and Mechs are persistent in Mechs & Mercs: Black Talons. The surviving units of each battle gain new skills and get more powerful with earned experience. Squads from other factions can also be recruited, provided  the company has a good reputation with them. Additional weapons and equipment for the battlecruiser can also be bought in the blackmarket, for a price.



  • Website launched
  • Teaser

The Black Talons' website has been launched.
You can see what the game is about, contact us or join the forum.
The content is limited for now, but come and check the website regularly, as it will be continuously updated with new information and media.

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The first teaser of Black Talons has been released, showing a quick glance of the mercs fighting in different environments.

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